A Thirteenth Birthday Party in Pictures

A thirteenth birthday celebration for this sweet boy, no not the bald guy, began with an early morning Boxing Day match of our Manchester United.  We were ready with our gear and a proper English breakfast.  Thankfully the Red Devils did not disappoint and another win went in the books for the birthday boy.
The boy was then whisked away to a surprise with his cousins, boys only.  Poppi arranged for an afternoon of go karting and Thing 4 couldn't have been more excited.  All of his grown up cousins, with the exception of one, were there to spend the afternoon racing around the track.  Not to mention Uncle J and Uncle Tony, and of course Husband Jared too.  From what I heard it was an afternoon to remember. 
Tucker, Cameron and Thing 4.

The go Karting gang.  From left to right, Tucker, Uncle J, Husband Jared, Thing 4, Cameron, Uncle Tony, Tristin and front and center, the one and only Poppi.

Birthday boy, ready to race!
After they were done at the track we had an early dinner of pizza and more fun and games at Poppi and Nani's house. 
The fam bam- eating birthday pizza.

Holey board and corn hole tournaments in the back yard, all day and into the night.

Then it was time to blow out the candles, everyone gathered round and watched the boy make a wish.  I do believe he felt rather special, as you can tell from his grin.  Lots of family spent the day celebrating Thing 4 with us.

These lovely grandmothers, Framma on the left and Grandma Sharon on the right.

Thing 3 and her godmother, Aunt Tree!

Thing 4 and her godmother, Aunt Robin.

Poppi and Thing 4, the only grandson.

Thing 4 and cousin Gianna.

Thing 2 and her godfather, Uncle Tony.  Wrapped up and cozy around the fire.
The party didn't end there, well it did but only for the night.  We couldn't forgo tradition and not have a birthday dinner for Thing 4 so a few nights later he chose the menu and the cake and we partied again. Fried chicken, onion strings, homemade mac and cheese, soft batch chocolate chip cookies and sunny delight were the birthday boy's choices.  We obliged.  And then we ate homemade strawberry cake and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  A meal for champions.  After our feast there was a competitive game of Wits and Wagers where we all laughed too hard. 

Wits and Wagers

This is how Thing 1 cuts onions.  Her job in the making of the birthday meal.  She makes the best onion strings.

Birthday dinner for Thing 4. 
The birthday festivities came to a close and Thing 4 promptly started planning next year's party. 

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