Wrapping Up California

The eve of Thing 1's birthday has arrived and with it I feel an aching need to tidy things up here on the blog and prepare for February.  I have a few random photos and thoughts I'd like to share from our California trip.  You are free to exit this page now if you're not interested.  If you are, or if your family, by all means keep reading.  

My "little" brother and his lovely wife, Corynn.

We visited Stone Brewery on one of our days in California and spent the afternoon taking in the gorgeous scenery, enjoying their craft brew and even taking a tour of the brewery.  Lest I forget, we also dined, under the pergola, on some fine food.  It was an adult afternoon so their littles were home with my bigs having way too much fun! We joined them for dinner at home, s'mores and games around the table.  It was a good day. 

Stuck - Hansons

One of about ten attempts to take a decent selfie of the two of us, 
I love my brother.

My two cousins, who are newly of age had never before been on a brewery tour.  Husband Jared insisted we tour together and I do think the boys enjoyed their educational field trip.  

Can you even stand this?  I can't.  Thing 4 entertained those girlies with his piano playing and his funny faces.  Those smiles are priceless.  

Thing 1 and this girlie had bubble time.  If only I would have captured her squeals.  Every single time that Thing 1 would put the wand to her mouth Olivia would start clapping and laughing.  A good belly laugh.  

Then we moved onto S'mores.  Or just graham crackers for Olivia.  
I jumped at any opportunity to snuggle with her. 

Gianna was mesmerized by the fire, and maybe the marshmallows! 

Thing 3 and Aunt Tree might had some fun too! 

There are so many pictures to share and even more memories, these were highlights, and with that I'd like to say thank you to these two for making the trip possible. I'm not sure how they feel about this picture but it was taken while we were all gathered around the fire pit, making s'mores and laughing and I do believe it says so much about them both.  By the way, totally digging the headband Nani!  

Poppi and Nani.  

One more post from 2014 regarding a few traditions and such and then on with 2015.  
Wowsa!  Stay tuned.  

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