New Year's Day 2015

New Year's Day is definitely deserving of it's own post.  For one, it is my Mom's birthday and the fact that we were all there to celebrate together was a gift for us all.  Secondly, it's the beginning of a new year.  Enough said.  

2015 began with a slow, lazy morning.  Nani sat with her coffee and read, Husband Jared and I piddled around the kitchen preparing breakfast, the parade was on and then proper football, Things and littles slowly woke.  One by one they found Nani and wished her a happy birthday and Gianna proceeded to bring her presents for her to open, or rather for Gianna to open for her.  Either way, Nani did not mind.  Shortly after presents and coffee cake, per family tradition, the Strands arrived for biscuits and gravy and more fun with the cousins.  The kiddos picked kumquats in the backyard, played games, explored the ice puddles and even went box sledding down the mini hill.  Could you ask for anything more? I think not.  It was a morning full of memories and so much sweetness my heart could have burst.

Nani and Gianna

Notice Nani's surprised face as Gianna opened her present for her!  Priceless.

Emme and Colin picking fruit

Duck-duck - goose, we explained to the family the phenomenon of living in MN where the game is called, duck, duck, grey duck.  I think?  

Tight rope walking, or maybe just follow the leader!

Gracie was very excited!  

Emme preparing to sled and Colin waiting his turn in the background.

The fun did not end there, more extended family and friends were arrving in the afternoon to celebrate the birthday girl and watch American football.  The Things set up holey board and corn hole once again, there were props for silly photos and lots of  family fun and food of course.  Thing 3 made special espresso cupcakes for Nani and we sang happy birthday and ended our last night together packing and feasting on In N Out.  All of us not wanting to mention the inevitable trip to the airport the next afternoon.  I'd say we rang in the New Year in the very best way, together!  

Nani with Margaret and Karen, friends since high school.

Husband Jared and I attempting to use the photo props and then a cutie photo bomber snuck up on us!

This one of my Uncle Joe may be my favorite, I don't think I have too many photos of him and the fact that he is holding a mustache makes it even better. 

If a picture ever had the ability to sum up a family this one does without a doubt.  No need for more words here. 

Framma with the Things.

Grandpa Sam and Grandma Sharon and Things.  
Apparently we are capable of taking a few normal photographs as well.  

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