The Baby is Thirteen

I just had to pinch myself after writing those last words.  Really.  I.  Can't.  Believe.  It.  He up and growed up on me.  Everyone told me he would I didn't think it would happen while I looked away for only two minutes.  This boy.  Let me correct myself, this young man of mine makes me one proud Mama.  Sure we've ran into a few speed bumps on the road to manhood.  Or more like a thousand.  I am going to choose to look at those at character building opportunities.  For instance this past year of twelve and seventh grade gave us the infamous persuasive letter to change schools.  Yes, I kept it Dad.  Wink, wink.  It sits in a drawer in my bedside table.  And yes, I cry every time I read it.  Not because it makes me sad but because the man child wrote it.  He had feelings and he wanted to communicate with me. He chose words.  My love language.  Well that and gifts.  But I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yes, thirteen.  

Thing 4, the youngest of four siblings, you rock our world.  With your boy style and boy humor; enter toilet humor, and non stop, and I do mean non stop, movement.  Sometimes you are like a whirling dervish.  Other times a drummer, tapping, fidgeting, snapping, clicking to a beat.  I do believe that you are musically inclined.  I see it at times on the pitch too.  When you make those long runs up the side.  Rhythmically, with the ball at your feet.  Opinions have been flying around here, so willing to share them with the world.  Never one to hide your feelings or emotions, no, you wear those on your sleeve.  Passion.  That is what I'd like to call it.  We've heard from teachers and the like just how social you are.  Your Dad calls you a politician and he means that in the very best way.  You can win people.  With your character.  Your words.  Your actions.  That is a gift.  I pray you use it for Kingdom glory son.  You've traveled this last year, again by yourself.  Right after a concussion you begged to do back flips and wake board and tube.  Your best buddy by your side through it all.  For the first time ever you shot a gun and drove a go kart.  Fast.  Just the way you like to live life.  Fast.  Always moving.  There were footie road trips, snow boarding and skate boarding, Jam Camp and now youth group.  Loads of new experiences that have helped mold and shape you this past year.  A new found independence and confidence is emerging.  Thing 4 you are a gift to this family and you complete our six.  I am thankful to be your Mama.  I am grateful for what you teach me and the love you share.  You still slay me with those blue eyes and freckles sprinkled around your nose.  Never stop believing in your Creator.  Walk, or for you, more like run, the narrow road.  And run it well sweet boy.  I love you.  So excited to enter the teenage years with you.  
Much Love,
Machu Pichu 

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