Beach Days

This might be another post strictly for family and the preservation of our memories.  We had two beach days while in California.  The first was a field trip to Oceanside, a beach the Things had never visited before.  We walked the dock, saw a paddle boarder, watched the fishermen pull up a sand shark, saw a blanket of beautiful flowers floating in the sea and met a rather forward pelican.  

Mr. Pelican

The pier

Sand shark being reeled in.

The Things were laughing at me because this was about as close as I would get to featured pelican, the sign said he wasn't nice.  For the record, it felt as though I was a lot closer than it appears.

For nostalgia's sake I made Husband Jared drive slowly past this house that was featured in the movie Top Gun.  

Poppi, Nani and the Things, aren't they cute?

The Hanson Six.

We walked the blocks around the beach, had some interesting fodder for people watching and then decided this was not our scene and we drove over to San Clemente.  Fishermen's Wharf was calling the Things' names and it was the perfect place to watch the sunset and hear the waves crash.  We were seated for dinner and then a few of the Things and Poppi went to chase the sunset.  

San Clemente Pier.

Love, love, love this shot.

Poppi and Thing 2, just look at those smiles and the light.

Going, going, gone.  

They ran back to our table just in time for food.  We laughed and talked and watched the stars appear and then we walked around and had ice cream of course.  Two beaches, blue skies, a scripted sunset, tasty seafood, walking and shopping and for the finale, ice cream.  
The perfect ending to an already amazing day.  

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