Come In Closer

Today I embarked on a personal journey with Jillian Michaels. Yes, the famed "TV's toughest trainer" from The Biggest Loser. I needed to up the anti on my work out and her 30 Day Shred seemed to be the right fit.

Day 1: Sweaty beyond belief, in shock over my lack of personal fitness and motivated to see what it will be like at Day 30! There is hope.

During the workout, level 1, Jillian said that in order to see results we need to put stress on our bodies. Throughout the entirety of the workout, all 20 minutes I might add, this idea resonated in my head.

I think this rings true not only for shaping our muscles and toning our bodies, but in defining who we are and solidifying our belief systems as well. Isn't it true that the lowest valleys of life, the trials we endure, the heartaches, the losses and yes even the failures grow us? This rather insignificant statement caused me to reflect on my current life circumstances.

It is without a doubt those times that I have been challenged that have grown me and shaped me, refined me. Sometimes it is only on the other side of the darkness that I am able to have that perspective. Too often it is only the dusty clouds of the unknown that I see. That is when I am called to my Savior's feet. To press into Him. We sang a song at church this past Sunday that repeated the phrase, "Come in closer". The worship leader asked us to sing this song out to Jesus so that He could whisper to us, "Come in closer".

I was in awe.

The challenges will never cease. This is life here on earth, in our flesh. We are only humans. Yet we are made in our Creators likeness. He desires for us to be close to Him. Through our trials, whatever they may be, He is there waiting to be called to "come in closer". He will define you, shape you and refine you.

Isaiah 48:10 "See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction"

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