Big Girls

Our house is quiet, strangely, eerily quiet. We are missing two children, four hands, four feet, four eyes, two noses and two young ladies.

Makenzie and Delaney are at Barefoot Republic camp this week and our house is just not the same. Our family is not the same. I miss them terribly. I have not heard their sweet voices since I dropped them off on Monday afternoon and I will not hear their voices for three more sleeps.

That's all I wanted to share.
Oh that and a few things about those sisters that are not here.
Makenzie is now 12 years old. She is officially in junior high school. Our eldest daughter is responsible. She can now watch her siblings and make dinner and pack her own lunch for school. Makenzie is now a striker on the top team for her age bracket. She enjoys listening to music and dancing when she thinks no one is watching. She dances well, really well. Makenzie is witty. Makenzie likes to snuggle. She will protect her sisters and brother no matter what. She dreams big dreams about playing soccer in college. Makenzie has great big emotions about life. Makenzie is social. She loves Jesus.
Delaney is now 10 years old, almost 11. She is officially a 6th grader. Our middle child is serious. She is intense and focused and self motivated. Delaney is now on the travel soccer team for her age bracket. She loves animals. Delaney wants to be a veterinarian and save animals. She likes to be barefoot. Delaney loves her family. She likes to solve problems. She is empathetic. Delaney wants people to be happy, sincerely. She likes to be outside and she is not afraid to try anything. Delaney loves Jesus.
I love you girls, truly.

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    I bet you miss them.... it's hard!

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