Dollywood, not to be confused with Hollywood or dolly world. For weeks leading up to our trip I was referring to the theme park as "dolly world" and of course being laughed at by my entire family. According to the park's website that is a common mistake. Ha!

Our day begin quite early with a drive from Gatlinburg into Pigeon Forge, home of Dollywood and the Dixie Stampede. Also a breathtaking road through the Smoky Mountains. There are no hilarious stories or family mishaps. Our day was non stop from 10am until the park closed at 8pm. We conquered roller coasters, one with an almost 90 degree drop. How you ask, by being certifiably insane and not wanting to disappoint our tween age daughters, or have them thinking that Dad and Mom are wimps! What a ride. We picnicked on the asphalt, that was a first, ate funnel cake drenched in powdered sugar, rode the log ride and rafting ride and got soaked. I looked as though my clothes just came out of the washing machine; Rode a wooden roller coaster and the Lemon Twist, much like the tea cups, until Gillian and William almost made this Mom vomit! So much fun!

Throughout the day Jared and I began to see a pattern. For the most part the ride operators were seniors. Not seniors in high school, seniors in age. They were polite, they would hold the line to take family pictures, they watched your younger children if they were too frightened to ride the roller coasters (Gilly and Will) and they were a delight. No one tried to run us over or shoved us in line. In fact, the people visiting the park this day were courteous and polite. What a joy!

All this being said we made some forever memories at Dollywood!

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