Snake Slaying 101

Today was an exciting day in the neighborhood. The kiddos happened upon a slithering snake hiding in the bushes. Gillian the snake charmer decided this creature posed a threat, so she picked up a stick and flung it out of the bush.When it was out of the bush it made a dash for the house. It started to crawl through the vent when our neighbor Mr. Jed pulled it out by it's tail. It was really mad by then. So my dad and Mr. Jed decided to slay the snake. My dad ran to obtain the weapon. While Mr.Jed held the snake with a stick against the ground, my dad beheaded the creature. Unfortunately, the shovel did not behead the snake the first try. Needless to say the task was accomplished and the neighborhood is once again safe!!!
By:Makenzie& Leanna Hanson

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