Frigid Water

Here we are in the Smoky Mountains in July. It should be terribly humid, hot and sticky, much like the rain forest. Well it wasn't. In fact it was so not like the rain forest. The air was crisp, the sun warming but not overpowering and for lack of a better adjective, just plain beautiful.

With all that being said my adventurous children were not up for a swim in a mountain stream. They didn't have their bathing suits, they didn't have their water socks, it was too cold, yada, yada, yada. Whose children are these? They did however have no fear about scaling bald, slippery rocks. Please see picture.

After debating and checking the depth of the water and the rapids we found a "swimming hole"; A pool of water waist deep where we could actually dunk ourselves under. Jeff and Natalie, the prepared outdoors people that they are, were completely ready to submerse themselves in the crystal clear water. They changed and the kids were warming to the idea. I wasn't so sure. After being heckled a bit we all decided to go under together. Delaney had already braved the coldness and William followed all of us. Look at his face as his body goes into shock from the coldness.

Wow! There are no words for this experience. I liken the sensation to what people must feel when they celebrate the New Year with a Polar Bear Plunge. It is invigorating! I am so thankful that we all did this together. There were however, two onlookers that did not participate, can you guess who they were? Maybe next time.

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