Birthday Girl

Delaney Lucille was born to us on this morning, eleven years ago. A fairly easy pregnancy in which I craved oranges and salads, walked the zoo regularly with big sis Makenzie, or Ninny as she was referred to later, and endured the hot, no air conditioning summer in Tucson. It was a time of change for our family, one child to two, a college graduation and an encounter with cancer. All the while a miracle growing and stirring inside. I longed for her, could hardly wait to meet her and then when we did to say it was overwhelming would be immensely understated.
She is a gift. Not the cutesy, pink ribbon kind of a gift. No, something much more than that. A created, designed, child of God gift. Intelligent, rebellious, loving, empathetic, analytical, logical, whimsical, daring, fearless, confident, brave, nurturing, needing hugs kind of gift. It has been an honor to be your Mama and watch you grow these eleven years.
Today we sound the trumpets and celebrate another year lived. We look with hope and wanderlust to the future. I am anticipating with wonder what God has planned for this season of your life my Laney Lu. I love you.

2 Response to "Birthday Girl"

  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    Yes, the angels danced the day you were born, LuLu!
    love <3
    Nani and Popi

  2. Paula Says:

    Hey God-daughter! We did not forget you on your special day, we are just delayed (as is becoming the norm for us). You are a gift to us as well and the joy we carry in our heart at having a special bond with you makes us feel so blessed! We love you and hope this is going to be your best year so far! Xoxo auntie Paula, uncle Tony and Tucker!

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