Everyday Marvels

This morning the sun has not yet risen. My husband is en route to work and I am working here. I was preparing for my quiet time this morning and was drawn to words written not by the Maker, yet so apparently inspired by Him. Words from an author, a Mama a Believer. Her writing style is beautiful, the words seem to dance on the page, or screen in this case, and are so thought provoking. She shared stories on how to digest the Word, how our bodies need Living Water, on creating a faith habit and how God's grace is immeasurable.

My mind floated to thoughts of my children.

I marvel at our Maker's design when I see those faces staring at mine. I am enthralled by their beauty, their purity, their innocence. There is an ache in my heart when they struggle, a weight pressed down upon my insides when I think I have failed them, not lead them and not been the best Mama I could be.

So I cling to the Water, the Word. I run desperately to ensure that my faith habit is true and growing. That is cultivation. When my children see those fruits they will desire the same. I stumble and there are countless times I am crawling to the well, tears running down and no words to share. I am learning that is life. I want desperately to live the faith habit, to be light and to be the best me that I can be, but only through Him.

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