Men in the Kitchen

Yesterday on Labor Day the men of the house labored, and of all places they labored in the kitchen. What a sweet sight. There was an abundance of harvest from Grammy and Pappo's garden that needed to be used up. Green beans, watermelon, jalapenos, tomatoes, bell peppers and not to mention the chilies and jalapenos from Natalie's garden. What a season for vegetables, especially home grown produce. It really does taste better.

So, to begin with, Jeff and Natalie canned their tomato sauce and green beans. Then Jeff and Jared went to task on the jalapenos. Spicy carrots and jalapenos were pickled and homemade jalapeno jelly was made. The smells in the kitchen were oh so good.

Earlier in the season there were baskets of cucumbers. Baskets may even be an understatement. They were everywhere. In their honor we decided to try our hand at making pickles. Kids and adults alike. Even the neighbor kids helped. So fun and so yummy. Better than any store bought pickle I've ever tasted.
Here are some pictures of our kitchen adventures. Enjoy!

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