The finished product!

Dad and Thing 2 breaking the ground

Grandpa and Thing 4 building a "damn" to help the water flow

Moving the trees into location

On Sunday afternoon Jared, the Things and I headed out to Fairview for family time. Delaney had received two trees, Amur Maples, from Arbor day at school last year and they have been living in pots at Ron and Jeanine's house. With all the rain we have had recently the ground had been primed for planting those trees. So with every one's help we planted. Well the Things planted and I watched.
I watched as they were taught how to dig a hole, how to decide how big the hole needs to be, how to plant a tree. They were taught by their Dad, their Mema and Grandpa Ron. And I watched. I took pictures. Took pictures of the struggle to break the ground, to clear the dirt of the rocks, and to lift the heavy tree into the hole. Then I watched as the hole was filled and the soil placed just so the water would fill the tree and provide for it. Just so the run off from the yard would not bypass our trees. I watched everything just so. And then when the task was completed I watched as Thing 2 looked at her trees with a sense of accomplishment.
And I watched.

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