In light of Delaney's birthday the celebrations were in full force around here. Thursday, her actual birthday, we were able to just hang out as a family, the 6 of us. All soccer practices were cancelled and the rain was pouring down. We ate pizza, had homemade chocolate cake and watched a movie, all snuggly and together. Last night, Friday, we had our family dinner with Delaney's menu; orange chicken, edamame, brown rice and mandarin oranges. In lieu of birthday cake we made a coffee ice cream pie. Yummy! Of course pictures are included of the birthday girl blowing out her candles and opening presents. After our delish dessert we played Family Trivia Pursuit, with teams, one grown up and one child together. Oh what a night!

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday LuLu (Delaney) We love you! Nani and Popi xoxox

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