I have always been afraid of forgetting. Forgetting memories, people, places, those sweet words from the mouths of babes in their early days, forgetting dates that are important. Just forgetting. What happens to those memories? Where do they go?

I want to remember. Everything. The smells, the scenery, the life changing moments, the times where God's hand is all over my life and the lives of those around me. I want those specials saved deep in the banks of my mind. Saved there for me to recall and replay when I need to be reminded.

This idea of forgetting and remembering causes me pause. It leads me down paths that I don't want to walk. Because then I remember all those that I don't care to relive. Those times where I haven't walked the straight and narrow. The times I've been in the pit. While I can't simply forget those seasons I can choose to let go, turn my back on the past and walk in victory. Oh yes, so much easier said than done. There is grieving and heartache and so much hurt, but there is also a Redeemer.

This Savior who forgives, who calls us in closer and wants to go beyond us. The God that is bigger than the past, yet He knows all about it. There is no hiding. And while I may be crippled by this fear I choose to lay it at the foot of the cross and trade my ashes for a crown.

I'm wondering do you have a sack of ashes? Wouldn't that sack look better as a crown upon your head? A crown declaring the glory and mighty saving power of our Redeemer?

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