Bowling, Produce and Fun!

Yesterday we headed to Planet 51.  No, not a dance club, a bowling alley.  Where for a mere 7TYL, roughly $4.50, one can enjoy lunch, shoe rental and bowling.  Wow.  The Things were ecstatic.  Their Mom, thrilled.  It is not often that a family of 6, well there were 5 of us yesterday, can enjoy an afternoon outing for less than 50TYL. 
Each Thing has their own style of bowling.  Thing 4 studies, discerns the best stance and then sends the ball down the lane.  Thing 3, she has style, panache you might say.  She dances to the line and throws the ball with vengeance towards the pins. 
And Thing 2, all about technique.  Tall, structured, serious.  It is a game after all.  Only, after the ball has reached it's destination are you allowed to celebrate, or breathe.
Thing 1, she was out for a show.  Not typical.  Yesterday she let her guard down a bit.  How refreshing.  She decided to try backwards Granny style.  And then she smiled big, real big. 
So much fun!  The Things celebrated and danced and cheered.  Bowling with friends was a treat.

And now for the produce.  We were referred to an organic local farmer's website by a friend.  Did you say organic?  Yes, no GMO's, or any other yucky stuff used, ever!  Yes, yucky is a technical term.  We placed an order via email on Sunday afternoon for our fruit and veg for the week.  Tuesday Aysun delivered our order to our front door.  Well, actually she brought it right inside the house, unloaded it for us and even brought us this gorgeous head of lettuce as a gift.
I wish you could have smelled it.  It was divine. Really.  And the taste, even the Things noticed the difference.  Our entire salad last night was organic from our new friend's farm.  Bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce.  Oh, and the tomato meze, spicy and tasty!

Just incredible.  Husband Jared and I can't wait for next week's order. 

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