Too Social

ednesday afternoon began an official holiday in these parts.  The neighborhood children only had a half day of school, and the Things, well they didn't have any school at all.  I tell you.  I am going to have to do something about that.  Anyhoo, we decided to kick off the weekend with a bit of a pool party.  The girl Things' new friends from Spain joined us, the Australian boys came over, I had our neighbor's son from across the way and our British friends were here as well.  The kids swam, played football, and enjoyed handfuls of sweet treats.  And then lo and behold I locked us out of the house when it came time to enjoy a cup of jo with the Mommas.  What an impression.  Our neighbor saved the day and scaled the ladder over my balcony to successfully open the locked door.  Thank you very much.  That was Wednesday.

Thurday we headed to the plaj, which is beach in Turkish.  New vocabulary word for youand me.  We had the Things' friend from Brazil with us for the day.  Here is what they did, all day...

They all took turns digging a deep enough hole and burying each other.  The struggle was when they tried to escape.  What a sight.  We had planned a camp out for this evening as well.  So of course the girls invited their new friends, Will's buddies were going to join us and Husband Jared and I were hoping we made it through the night.  The camp out took a turn for the worse when we weren't able to turn off the sprinklers in the garden.  So, we just moved the camp out inside.  As we were setting up the tent we found holes all around it and broken poles.  No more tent.  No more camp out.  Dissappointed as they were the Things and friends are flexible.  We set up camp in the living room for the girls and the boys were banished to Will's room.  They had a dance party, watched movies and ran around like wild banshees.  Ok, not really the last part, but they did sound like it at times.  And on more than one occasion that evening Husband Jared and I questioned our sanity.  As did everyone else.  The Things had loads of fun and the smiles on everyone's faces the next morning was thanks enough for me!

Then there was Friday.  Another day off for Husband Jared and more fun to be had.  Only this time we stayed home, at least during the day.  The Things swam more with their friends, we said goodbyes to friends and then played some more with friends later in the day.  Not to mention Husband Jared and I did our share of yard work, planting flowers, pulling weeds, raking and cleaning.  I love a day spent outside in the garden.  Really I do.  Plans were made that afternoon to venture out to a fish restaurant with friends that evening.  Everyone cleaned up and off we went.  It was a lovely evening spent dining outside on the water eating the freshest fish and most delicious mezes.  Those are Turkish appetizers.  Similar to tapas.  There was calamar and spicy yogurt and beans and bread and shrimps and mussels.  Oh my.  The Things were able to ride scooters all around, look at the water and of course find the nearest market for an icecream treat.  We came back to our house for dessert and enjoyed yet another late night. 

 With our late night tendencies the Things did not wake until almost 11am Saturday morning.  We, meaning Husband Jared and I, decided the beach was in order.  The weather was gorgeous and the Things were not cooperating, until we arrived at the beach and there friends were there.  And then not more than half hour later more friends showed up unexpectedly.  What a day.  The Things fished, we lunched, we played paddle ball and there was more sand burying and sand gymnastics.  From there it was off to our Brazilian friends home for snacks and drinks that evening.  The Things ran around and played hide and seek, red rover and laughed and giggled until they were ready to fall over.  Literally. 
Sunday was spent at home.  We watched a rain storm come in and ruin, albeit temporarily, our plans for a BBQ that afternoon with our neighbors across the way.  The rain was beautiful though.  The Things and I popped popcorn and watched a movie all the while hearing the rain pour down.  By late afternoon we needed fresh air and took a walk and when we returned home the BBQ was back on!  We enjoyed our neighbor's company and their delicious food.  Kabobs, rice, salad, sweet corn and village bread.  Wow! 
What a holiday.  We are not accustomed to this much social activity.  So last night we turned in early with thankful hearts and fond memories.

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  1. CherylLee Says:

    What a cool adventure! you are so lucky and are certainly 'enjoying the journey' Looking forward to our trip and being able to have you share some of your favorite things with us!
    The kids are making, hopefully, some lasting relationships with kids from all over the world, Brazil, Australia, UK, Spain.... wow, it is so amazing to read the blogs and hear about all you are experiencing!

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