Weekend Recap

Friday kicked our weekend off with a football match for Thing 4.  Of course I forgot my camera and have no photos of the big game.  Oops.  Thing 4's team won, 4-2. 
Saturday was spent doing our weekly cleaning and an associate of Jared's came to dinner.  On the menu was summer vegetable soup, roasted red pepper bruschetta and homemade potato salad, oh and carrot cake for dessert.  We talked and shared stories and enjoyed her company.  What a treat.
Sunday was filled with sleeping in, a late breakfast, playing with friends, dinner at the beach, frog catching and star gazing with the Things.  What an evening.  I did remember my camera for that so I will share those photos with you.  Enjoy and Happy Monday!
Thing 4, lounging at dinner
The Girl Things sharing a smile at dinner
Thing 4 and Me star gazing in the backyard
Thing 4's latest catch, we found him in the grass in our backyard.

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