Oh What a Day

Well y'all it is Monday morning and here I sit typing away on the computer in between sipping my coffee and printing schedules for school this week.  And yes I said y'all.  Because guess what?  We met some Americans this past Saturday and one just happened to be from the great state of TN, Tullahoma, in fact.  We said y'all to each other and spoke of BBQ and all things Southern.  Ok, not really.  I shook his hand, thought he might want to dance to the German music with me and he declined.  Can't say I blame him.  He had a plate full of German sausage and sauerkrat.  Priorities people. 

Our family was invited to International Day at the NATO headquarters here in Buca, Turkey.  What a day.  A glorious day actually.  We were able to purchase bacon.  Real pork.  We also visited craft booths, the kids rode camels and horses and donkeys.  Enjoyed water balloon fights, bounce houses, cotton candy and real American popcorn!  Each country had it's own specialty food banquet.  Let's just say my Things may have ransacked the Italians like no others.  There was prosciutto.  Need I say more?  I didn't think so.  The Things also experienced a dance show of sorts and had buckets of fun.  We had rented a van with another family from our neighborhood so the fun didn't end when we left the festivities.  There was karoake and serenades to an assortment of pop music by the Things, their friends and two other visitors who were at our house for a sleep over.  Oh, what a night!  Shame the Things didn't sing that song.

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