Celebration Day

For Thing 2's birthday we began our morning with sweet rolls and present opening.  The beach was waiting for us and it was sure to be a full day.  She had cards and even a package, she was delighted.  Jumping and up and down and reminding us all that it was her birthday.  How could we forget? 
With the daily countdown and all.
Then the Things and their Momma were off to the beach.  We built sand castles, explored, caught fish and crabs and wrote birthday messages to Thing 2!
I just love her smile. We came home and quickly prepared for an evening with friends.  Cake and ice cream and hide and seek tag, and even a football game.  Oddly enough, I did not take too many photos. The Things and their friends were running around and dancing and enjoying each other's company and left the parentals alone.  Strange.  Anyhow, I did manage to snap a photo of Thing 2 and her cake and even the spread we shared before it was ransacked by 13 kiddos.
Her wish remains a secret. 
Whatever it was I am most certain that Thing 2 had a splendid 12th birthday!

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