Field Trip

The Things and I went on a field trip yesterday.  Can you guess where? 
 If you guessed a submarine you are correct!  In Narlidere, there is a Turkish Navy submarine and ship that is open to the public.  Tours are given on both the ship and the submarine.  The submarine was given by the United States to the Turkish Naval forces in 1994 and was in service through 2005.  It was fascinating.  The Things and I imagined ourselves to be sailors.  All the while wondering what it would have been like to live on the submarine.  We all decided we weren't sure about the sleeping quarters, talk about small.  And we weren't certain we would be able to maneuver safely through the narrow halls and high thresholds.
It was a gorgeous day by the sea.  Quite enjoyable.  After the tour we walked along the sea side and looked for shells and hoped the seagulls wouldn't bring us any luck. 

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