Guest Post: Thing 3

A Day in the Life of Me, Thing Three
I get up, I make my bed then go upstairs to eat. After that my mom tells us to make our beds, brush our teeth,and get dressed. Today, Wenesday, our house cleaner came so we went and took my dad to work and did some errands. My dad got off work early so we went and picked him up on our way home. When we arrived our house cleaner was still here so we all went downstairs since she was up. Will and I went outside to play soccer while Makenzie and Delaney did school.  Makenzie is still doing school, Delaney is playing the wii, and Will is going outside to play. My mom went to the manav,the produce market, to get us some fruit and veg. Tonight we will probably watch a movie or play a game. Then go to bed.

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