Hello There

This is going to be a blog post in which I ramble on endlessly about unimportant things.  Whatever happens to pop into my head at the moment.  And right now I am thinking of being on a plane next weekend.  Flying to America.  Hugging the necks of all our family.  Dreaming of smelly dog kisses from our sweet Polo.  And of course eating some good ol' American cuisine, with a healthy dose of Mexican food thrown in about every other day.  Because as you know that is how we Hansons roll.  The food tour is how we refer to our traveling style.  Even the Things have become acquainted with mine and Husband Jared's love of FOOD.  They too have their list of "fav's" that they would like to visit.  Special eateries where memories have been made and meals shared.

 Of course our time will be spent engaging in other various activities, such as hiking, playing games, and just "hanging out".  We can hardly wait.  The Things have a countdown on our white board in the school room, "How many more days until we go to America".  Fantastic!  There will also be appointments, dentist and eye doctor and hopefully seeing our favorite hair stylist, for Thing 1 that is.  All the necessary business will be taken care of.  I hope. 

Yet, with all this anticipation I am feeling a tad "homesick" already.  Being away for three weeks from our home here in Urla will be challenging.  There are people here I will miss.  There is FOOD here I will crave.  There is the sea, beckoning to me everyday, that I will miss.  Although it will be waiting for our return.  All of it, and we will soak in each and every moment we have remaining in this place upon our return. 

And for certain we will savor our time in the States.  Everyday.

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  1. The Van Dierens Says:

    We cannot wait to spend some time with you all! Talking about your many adventures, friends and field trips!! Have a safe trip! See you soon! :)

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