Thankful Thursday #54

* This lovely character was staring us down as we drove past her on the hill leading to our compound, the Things were mortified when I pulled the car over and snapped a few photos of "Betsy".  That's what I call her.  She was not very pleased to be having her picture taken, thankfully she didn't have much choice as where to go, see the chain around her horns and under belly?  Guess she was being let out to graze a bit.  

481. random happy moments
482. seeing "friends" post on FB that they are having a "good day"
483. Christmas cards in the mail
484. folded laundry
485. empty hampers
486. a visit "home", soon!
487. every sunrise
488. rescued photographs on our hard drive
489. my brother, turning 30!
490. husband Jared taking care of me

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