Weekend Recap

Thursday began another busy weekend for us.  The above photo was taken on a staircase in Cesme, where I spent the afternoon with two of my friends.  We toured the marina and had lunch trying to enjoy the sun all the while clouds were trying to hide it away. 
Friday, our house looked like this.  We were preparing for a going away party for an American family that we met a few months ago.  I have not "entertained" since moving here and Husband Jared and I joked  that we felt like "grown ups" this evening.  It was quite the gathering. 
The Things and I were busy preparing all day Friday.  Baking, cooking, cleaning and rearranging furniture.  Their friends all joined in the festivities.  They even played a game of hide and seek, dodging the rain and darkness.  Our sweet friends, whom I didn't even take a photo of, spent the night chatting away and sharing stories of their brief time here.  All in all a great time spent with great friends;  Friends whom now share the unique expreience of being Americans who have lived in Turkey. 
The teenage hang out spot on Friday night.
Saturday was relaxing.  We watched movies, played games and enjoyed each other's company.  Thing 1 babysat and Thing 3 tagged along, since it was her friend's house, and Thing 2 and Thing 4 both had friends over for a sleep over.  We watched the Man Utd. match, roasted marshmallows and had more treats and sugar then should be allowed.  Fun!
Sunday was more relaxing, sleeping in and devouring a big breakfast of sausage and french toast.  With the evening time came more rain and a birthday celebration for a dear friend.  We celebrated his special day at a local fish restaurant with a delish chocolate cake decorated for his fav football team, Manchester City.  The Things and their friends made a special card complete with art work. 
A fantastic ending to an already fantastic weekend.   

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