A Nearly Perfect Sunday

Sunday was a sublime day.  We slept late, had a leisurely breakfast, drove through the mountains, walked the cliffs and had kahvalti at our favorite place.  To top it all off, our team, Manchester United, managed to beat Liverpool in the FA Cup match and we had a candle lit dinner, altogether, albeit unintentionally. 
The entire day was spent together.  Laughing, exploring, reading and even cheering for our team. 

The Things were squeezing between the cliffs, trying to enter a cave, one in which you had to jump over the sea and land on a specific rock in order to be safe.  Um, no thank you, please stop before you are soaked and crying and I have to rescue from the freezing water.

A crab we discovered in one of the small pools created from high tide on the cliffs.  He was dead. What a dissappointment.

 A smallish fish we found in another pool, he was suffering.  The Things decided to save him, only no one really wanted to touch his slimy tail.  Thing 4 bravely reached in to catch him and then dropped him on the rocks as he was preparing to throw him back to freedom.  I had to step in and finish the job. 

That small red spot in the sea is the rescued fish.  Victory!

That turquoise water was our view for our cliff hike.  Breathtaking.  Everytime I see it.

And this was the finale to our fantastic family day.  A random power outtage that came and went the entire time I was preparing our meal and then was out for good while we were eating dinner.  Of course as soon as Husband Jared snapped this photo the power clicked back on and we all laughed ourselves out of our chairs.

2 Response to "A Nearly Perfect Sunday"

  1. cjaques4 Says:

    You forgot about your favorite brothers 30th bday!!! Its cool, no worries!!! Its ok I got to talk to you on your perfect Sunday so I will think that I have had something to do with your perfect day!!!

  2. LKH Says:

    Why of course you did brother. ck out today's post, I included you in my Thankful Thursday, before I even read your commment! Ha ha. Love you.

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