Cappadocia Day 1

The first day of holiday is what we refer to as our "travel day".  Usually much doesn't happen and we spend most of our time visiting the inside of airports and getting settled at our final destination.  This day was a typical travel day.  By the time we had made our way to Kayseri airport via Istanbul and found our transportation to the cave hotel the Things were antsy and needing to expend some energy. 

As soon as we arrived at the hotel the Things were anxious to explore.  Our room is actually carved out of a cave.  I am not sure what the Things expected but this definitely was worth it.  Their faces said it all. The oohs and aahs and then the fighting began over who got to sleep in this bed.

Ultimately we had to draw cards for each night so as to avoid fighting and unfair advantages.  After dropping our luggage, discussing sleeping arrangements and picking up a quick snack we were on our way to the city center for a walk around.  The town of Urgup is quaint. Lined with shopkeepers and cafes wanting to visit and ask questions.  We did spot quite a few Besiktas fans on their way to Kayseri for the Turkish Cup final.  Football chants and flags filled the road. 

We toured the city, became acquainted with our surroundings and then cleaned up for dinner.  Ziggys did not dissapoint.  Fine Turkish cuisine was inhaled and laughter dominated our conversations.  I am sure we were a sight to take in.  Amongst our company were several "grandparents" who commented on our large family and ability to have a good time.  Yes, we consume all the oxygen in the room.  Thank you very much. 

Back to the hotel to rest up for day 2.

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  1. CherylLee Says:

    oops, missed Thankful Thursday today, so I posted on my blog!


  2. CherylLee Says:

    How cool! Enjoy exploring, looking forward to more pics and stories about your experiences there!
    love, nani xoxo

  3. LKH Says:

    Thanks Mom, just posted my TT for today. Working on a post for day 2 of our trip. It was an amazing day. Going to ck out your TT for today. Love you!

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