At this season in our lives there is much change.  In fact, I am thinking that it isn't just a season but a way of life for our family.  Change.  Consistently, change. 

We are preparing for our repatriation within the next month.  Although we have not yet reached the one year milestone of living abroad Turkey has found it's way into our hearts.  This is home.  The six of us have adapted, forged new relationships, navigated through these parts and come out the other side changed.  Different.  Husband Jared and I have repeatedly told these Things that being different is for Jesus.  Different is good.  Well this time different made us foreigners and we stood out with our blonde hair and blue eyes and pale skin.  Like I said though, we survived.  Yet, we didn't just survive, we lived it.  And here we stand, 10 months into this experience and we are planning for more change. 

With all this happening I couldn't honestly say that I feel unsettled.  There isn't peace surrounding me by any means but in the midst of this chaos is understanding.  No, that isn't the word I was looking for.  What I mean to say is that I have thrown out the anxiety.  And I fight with the urge to control the situation.  Change.  I believe that ultimately we will be exactly where we are meant to be.  The six of us.  Together. The plan is not mine.  Sure, I press forward and contribute where I should.  Roof over our head, support for Husband Jared in interviews, removal company, moving date, flights, etc.  PRAYER. 

I just read the above paragraph and thought to myself, what a load of bologna.  Really.  Should I really post that?  I do feel anxious and sometimes even unsettled.  I do believe however, that the situation is out of my control.  We are leaving.  We are changing.  Shall I wallow in the "what if's" or move forward confidently?  After letting the words sink in a bit I am obviously changing.  Moving forward.  Change. 

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