Thing 3's Birthday Week

The celebration began with a dinner date with Daddy.  Thing 3 and Husband Jared dined at Kitchenette and indulged in dessert at Reyhan.  They dressed for the occasion and enjoyed some time together, just the two of them. 

On the 4th we had Thing 3's family birthday.  She chose breakfast, what we did for the day and we had her favorites for dinner.  Barbeque chicken, broccoli and macaroni and cheese with bacon.  Southern much?  The following day we invited Thing 3's friends over after school for cake and ice cream.  Of course that meant an abundance of sweets and about 14 children in the house.  Thankfully the weather was nice enough and they all played outside allowing us to hear their sugar screams inside! 
 Making a wish

Ice cream cone cake

I do believe that Thing 3 had an unforgettable birthday week.  She had skype calls, loads of email and special birthday wishes from friends and family alike.  What a sweet week!

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