Mother's Day

Things and Me at Sardis

My Things made Mother's day a special day for me.  I woke to coffee being pressed, french press is our new favorite, bacon sizzling in the pan and maple scones being made by Thing 2.  I was served without ever having to leave the dining room table.  I felt like a queen.  We were able to skype with Nani and Mema and then we packed the car and headed to Sart, what was once known as Sardis.  Yes, another trip to see ruins, and another trip to one of the seven churches from Revelations.

At first the Things were not too keen on my choice for our outing.  As usual though once we arrived and began our exploring all was well.  And when they saw this, they couldn't help but be amazed.

The ruins here at Sardis are quite different from others we've visited.  Much of the "city" remains unearthed, by choice.  They have left it covered to protect it from the elements.  What is exposed is breathtaking, yet on a smaller scale.  At least at the main site.  There is a phenomenal Acropolis and a Temple of Artemis which we did attempt to visit.  Although when we trying to leave the main road and "follow the signs" we were stopped by the Jandarme.  Seems as though there were important political figures in town and the roads were not open to us commoners.  Husband Jared tried to take a village road and skirt the action but to no avail.  His efforts were thwarted.  We were forced to use our imaginations. 

Sardis is mentioned in the book of Revelations 3:1-6, if you are interested in what John was instructed to say to the church take a look there.  The church here had died spiritually.  Too invested in their wealth and growth, the city outgrew their mountain location (where we had attempted to drive) and so added a location in the valley (where we were able to explore). 

The Things striking a pose,
in what was once the public pool house

I felt entirely honored for the day.  Between homemade cards from the Things and chocolates and bath fizzies from the girls, which they chose and paid for on their own, I can not even begin to tell you how full my heart is.  Most times I feel completely unworthy and ill equipped to be their mother and yet God has entrusted these four souls for such a short time to me.  I was chosen to be their Mama.  How blessed am I?  That is most defintely a post for another time. 

On a side note, as we were sitting at the breakfast table and the Things were giving their cards to me they all turned and asked Husband Jared where his gift for me was.  He looked at all four of them and said, "you are all sitting around this table".  True.  The best gift ever.  Our love manifest. 

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