FA Cup Final and A Beach Day... What a Weekend

Upon our return to Olive Park I was greeted with an invitation to our friend's house for dinner and a football match.  Um, yes please, we accept.  See we had no groceries after being gone for a few days and I wasn't exactly in the mood to grocery shop or cook.  Thank you friends.  Despite the fact that our club lost to theirs and they were in the final of the FA cup I donned my blue gear and we headed over.  Husband Jared did not however give in, he sported red.  Earlier that same day our club, or should I say the club we support, clinched the Premier League title.  We celebrated and decided it best not to gloat.  At least not publically. 

The Things were in the pool with friends and before long the match was over and our friend was celebrating the club's victory over Stoke with a head first dive into the swimming pool.  All of us, children and adults alike, congratulated him and chose to join in the celebration.  Albeit half heartedly from those of us that support RED.  We ate a delicious dinner, dessert and enjoyed the company of dear friends late into the night. 

The next morning we chose to rest up and prepare for a day at the beach.  Again with the same crowd of loved friends.  Kayaks were brought and the Things were given a speedy lesson and then sent on their way in the sea.  They had a great work out, a few laughs and really enjoyed the experience.  Thing 1 was even asking for a kayak.  We played, built sand castles, enjoyed the best chips ever and laughed into the evening.  What a fantastic way to end the weekend. 
 Thing 3 and her friend
 Thing 1 and her friend
Mama friend and Thing 2

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