Thankful Thursday #60

* Blue eyed tree in Pigeon Valley

A bit more to Thankful Thursday this son risen beautiful morning.  I wasn't sure I could wake up and write this post today.  There was in the midst of all that is good a soul consuming weight.  Here, with my coffee close and photographs flying across my screen He spoke.  One question.  Is there something you need to place in the palm of your hand and cover it with prayer?  This.  These words.  They traveled to my heart through a blog post I was reading at,  Powerful.  Why not?  Easier said than done, yes.  In the act there is strength.  It is His upside down economy that requires us to let go in order to gain.   
Just a few thoughts to add to this Thursday upon which I, we, have so much to be grateful for.

541.friends laughing, sharing stories
542. learning of other culture's traditions
543. late night chats when the lights are out
544. music
545. dancing
546. moon rising
547. training with Husband Jared
548. water's reflection dancing on the wall
549. Things' and their feelings, being shared without reservation
550. sweet "I love you's" shouted as I walk up the stairs, after prayers 

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