Horses And The Dinner Table

I have been late in posting this photo, especially for the Grandmas in our lives.  My apologies.  Life must have been in the way.  Thing 3 recently began horse riding lessons.  On her first morning I could not resist noticing the beauty of the farm's surroundings.  Fall foilage, sun shining through and Thing 3 so poised on top of the horse.  She exhibits such calmness around them, a confidence that is uncanny and a determination to be better.  What a thrill to watch her enthusiasm grow each week.

I think the horse was posing for me

And now the funny stuff.  Just a few laughable moments around the household.  First off, Thing 4 was recently trying to describe a referree from the EPL that we are not so fond of.  He is well aware that we appreciate descriptive vocabulary and won't settle for the common adjective for someone that has over indulged on a few baked goods.  So, in his 9 year old cuteness he said, "You know, he's circular".  Yeah, I practically fell out of my seat. 

On a different night around the dinner table, we were all waiting anxiously to dive in and eat.  No one was stepping up to say blessing.  Out of the quietness, Thing 2 shouts, "I'll bring it home".  Well yes sister, bring it home.  Still laughing about that one.  And it never fails to be repeated when an opportunity arises. 

Hope your Monday is full of laughter.

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