Some Sentences

It still hasn't snowed here and I am not too sure how I feel about that.  The anticipation leading up to the first snowfall is not so great for my nerves.

The Things have winter training inside "domes" for football.  That means we are back to having a "something" scheduled every night of the week.  Not so great for my nerves either. 

We are trying to eat an early dinner, have some family time at the table and then hit the road for training and youth groups and meetings and the such.

Husband Jared and I were invited to a dinner party last weekend.  It was fun.  It was out of our comfort zone.  I had to change out of my sweat pants to attend.  We decided that was a good thing!

Polo loves the wind here.  When he is riding in the car he cranes his neck as far out of the window as he can.  Then on our walks he runs into the wind.  Hysterical!

Our winter layering situation has not been fully tended to.  Meaning, we need cuddle duds and socks other than our sport ankle socks and more mittens and beanies that cover our ears.  Help!  Oh and winter tires on the vehicle before that first snow.  Good idea. 

I am trying to create a "mudroom" for the Things gear.  Not sure how to do that.  Working on it. 

My mums are dying.  They looked so pretty for Halloween and I thought they would make it for Thanksgiving.  Not so much. 

I am reading, "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller and I am loving it.  Good read. 

My heart has been aching for Honduras.  Missing the people and the place and all that was there. 

Excited to go help in the childcare area today.  Maybe I will get to love on some babies.  I hope. 

I am ready for an adventure with the Things.  Maybe exploring a new park or trail.  Maybe this weekend.  Although not Friday, Thing 1 is volunteering at Church and Thing 2 has a match.  I am sure before long Thing 3 and Thing 4 will have plans too. 

Last night Thing 1 and I were watching a movie and a young girl was learning how to drive.  She was scared and ran into road blocks and drove way too fast.  Thing 1 said that would be her.  Hope not.  I am still coming to terms with the fact that she will old enough to have her learners permit soon. 

And that my friends is a peek inside my head this morning.  Just thought I'd share. 

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  1. cheryl lee Says:

    wow, your brain is busy.... I think you get that from me. I couldn't sleep last night with all these thoughts in my head. maybe I should randomly spew them out like you did this morning - did it make you feel better? LOL

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