I am not too sure the direction this post will go but I do know that I have some things I want to share.  Or at least empty from my mind and this just happens to be the avenue in which I can do so. 

Last night Husband Jared and I took the Things to view the independent film, Rise and Shine: The Story of Jay DeMerit.  It was brought to our attention by Thing 2's football coach that there was a screening here, near our city so we looked at the trailer and said yes please.  Jay is a young American who had a dream of playing football in England.  After college he left the states to accomplish said goal.  The documentary is his story, the trials and tribulations, of sorts.  The film ends with the culmination of Jay's ultimate goal, to play at the International level for the US men's team.  He did so in 2010 at the World Cup in South Africa.  For us, being a a football loving family, it was a thrill to see this young lad playing in the Premiership.  A dream of Thing 4's.  Although less than 1% of the boys who actually grow up in the academies in Europe ever have the chance to do so.  It is a dream.  Thus bringing me to my favorite quote from the film, "The poorest man is not without a cent, but without a dream".  (unknown)  If you are so inclined you can check out more of his story here and find out if there is a screening in your area, I highly suggest going if there is an opportunity, Jay DeMerit Story.

Which brings me to my next thought.  In the film they interviewed family members and showed clips of Sunday American football games.  The banter, the tailgating and the fact that Jay was born in Wisconsin and most of the people there are born and raised to be Packers fans.  The DeMerit family was and Jay even played American football growing up, and then in high school decided he wanted to play football.  Anyhow, our family has had this discussion before.  More so now living up here in Viking country.  We are outsiders.  Our passion for football doesn't translate.  None of us, and not by forceful measures, can endure watching an American football game.  We just don't enjoy it.  Hearing some of the clips and outtakes from the film last night was interesting.  The way we don't know what we don't know.  Some of us don't know American football.  Others don't know football.  We just don't know what we don't know.  Or maybe we don't like what we don't understand.  Either way someone will always be an outsider.  How do we embrace that?  It doesn't mean one is better than the other.  Well unless you ask me.  I suppose I might have opened a can of worms here.  The notion intrigued me, it even was mentioned in the film; The Americans' perception of "soccer" and how the English view us because of it.  We have some British friends and have shared many a laughs over this.    Alright, moving on. 

All this football talk has brought me to yet another realization.  I am a sucker for inspirational stories.  I like the underdog.  Yes, I cried during the movie last night.  When I saw Big Ben I cried.  Then the clips from all stadiums in England, from the Emirates to Old Trafford.  Fathers taking their sons and daughters to watch their squad.  A club they supported since youth and their father before them and their grandfather.  A young American lad having a trial and going from the pub league all the way to the Premiership. I cried when he spoke of standing in the tunnel next to the greats of the game.  Tears streamed down my face when his Dad spoke with pride of his family signing up for satellite so they could watch their son play "soccer in England".  And maybe I just cried because I missed England.  Or more accurately I miss the time our family had there, albeit short, the memories are larger than life. I digress.  Back to the underdog.  This man never gave up.  He was told no, told he wasn't good enough and that he was too old.  Never did he stop.  He continued training and persevering.  There is a life lesson for the Things.  They may never play football in England but the sheer determination to never stop dreaming is something I hope they carry with them.  Whatever their dreams may be.

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