The act of giving thanks, always, in every moment and every circumstance.  It sounds a noble cause because it is.  Imagine if there were constant thanks dripping from our lips.  A way to find the mundane something to be thankful for.  Posture of gratitude worn like a golden emblem from our chest.  Wouldn't then our hearts soften?  Soften towards one another, towards ourselves and ultimately outward breathing thanks.  Not only in our breath but action.  Love being spoken through Thanksgiving. 

I choose on this day to be grateful.  Deep, soul gratitude for the ones I love.  Those near and far.  For those friends that pick up right where we left off.  Friends that know the words before they're spoken.  Family that loves despite.  In the even though.  Amidst differences of varying degrees and conflict of the heart.  Choosing love and being authentic.  Seeing the glass half full.  Looking at the rain as a bath for our parched spirits and laughter as a remedy for all.  I choose gratitude today and hopefully in the always. 

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