Spontaneous Road Trip And So Much More...My Apologies

I suppose in the true definition of the word our trip wasn't exactly "spontaneous", although for our family of six it certainly was.  Husband Jared and I didn't exactly decide until the Friday before we left that we were actually embarking on said road trip, the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Yes, fourteen hours of driving with four Things left us a bit unsure.  Lest, we put practicality aside and the pedal to the medal.  I must say it was a most memorable sort of trip. 

A few key factors assisted in the memory making of said travels.  First being a speeding ticket inside the lovely state of Iowa.  Who knew there were state troopers EVERYWHERE and hidden cameras watching.  Thankfully we are safe and the Things were none too worried.  When the officer approached the car, all we heard from the back was "Way to go Dad".  Yeah thanks.  We weren't feeling too good about it anyways.  The Things were such great traveling companions.  At each pit stop they never failed to remind me how old I am becoming and how I'm just like Nani because I have to use the facilities every two hours.  Yeah thanks again.  After an extremely long day of crossing several states we arrived in Nashville to the shouts and screams of our passengers.  And maybe this Mama too!  An anxious Mema waited for us at the door and greeted each one of the Things with big hugs like only a grandmother can. 

Our few days in Tennessee were scheduled to the max.  The Things were given one day to make plans with friends and then family time ruled the roost.  We ran them all over Franklin, to the movies, to friends' houses and Thing 4 was even invited to a Predators game by his best buddy, Blake.  Lucky ducks.  Husband Jared and I squeezed some time in with our friends too and then we played babysitter to our sweet niece Autumn.  What a special day.  I don't think Mama was too pleased with us though when we taught her how to say "cookie".  Ooops.  I though that was a privelege of being Uncle and Auntie? 

When Grandpa Ron and Mema left to visit the Strand family in Cali we went to stay with the Horels in Franklin.  That way we had access to the sweet girl above 24-7!  We watched the Lord of the Rings, (after said 18 month old was in bed), played outside with friends, cooked for the Thanksgiving feast and laughed until our bellies hurt! 

Thanksgiving day we all drove to Pappo and Grammy's to spend the night in the bunk house and celebrate.  While the bird was in the oven, as they say, the weather beckoned us outside to enjoy the sunshine.  The family had a rather friendly game of American football first and then moved on to football skills and keep away, complete with defensive instruction from Aunt Natalie.  So fun!

We had a very happy Turkey, potatoes, both kinds, green beans and corn from the garden, jello salad, rolls, all manner of deliciousness.  What a spread.  Grammy and Pappo know how to do it up right.  Thanks for being such gracious hosts for this family of six, we love you both and we all loved staying in the bunk house!

 Does it not belong on a magazine cover?

Uncle Jeff carving the beautiful bird

The family, Grammy's head is there behind Thing 2
and Husband Jared is the photographer

After dinner we did the only thing you can do to escape the dishes, go for a walk!
Everyone, even the dogs.

And then time for pie and homemade whip cream,
thanks to Uncle Jeff and Thing 2.

When we could no longer partake there was time for dancing and juggling and playing for one and all.  Good nights were said to the littlest and the rest of us indulged in Black Friday ads and an obscure movie titled, "Elf".  Oh what a day! 

Our trip did not end there.  The next morning we did what all families do the day after gorging and we repeated the feast with homemade cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy and other familar breakfast foods.  I love the South!  I love gravy.  Amen.  I must have been out of practice or just plain overwhelmed by the food because I have no pictures to show for it.  Take my word for it, I was a happy girl.  Then again we ventured to the park to expend some energy and burn a few calories. That is since we were all worried our cholesterol certainly reached unhealthy levels.  It was another sunshine, beautiful day.  The cousins went sliding, ran around, climbed and ran some more.  And me, well I took pictures of course, exccept for maybe one or two!

The good times did not end there, or here for that matter.  Back in Franklin, afer lunch and naps, etc. we strolled through downtown, one of my favorite places.  We took in the sights and smells of all that is familar.  The theatre, Binks, Main Street Toy Store and a new bakery attached to a new burger place.  I was on overload with all the treats!  I reveled in watching my Things be with their cousin and love on her.  She of course was a bit overwhelmed with the whirling dervishes that are the Hanson Six, yet she fared well and laughed right along with us.  Usually. 

Thank you family and Tennessee for a memorable Thanksgiving week!

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