Christmas Day

Oh we told it on the mountain, and in the streets and our living room and the balcony and all the neighborhood.  On this day our Savior was born. 

 Family stockings, waiting for us on Christmas morn

Stocking opening

The morning began quite early thanks to the eldest Thing.  She woke her siblings and Husband Jared and I heard the raucous up the stairs around 6am.  No sun.  No coffee.  They piled on our bed and we jumped to our feet and all raced downstairs.  There is a no peeking rule.  Their stockings were no longer hanging, I'm assuming due to their weight, but laying in front of the fire place.  Without delay the Things had us all gathered round, Poppi and Nani included, and were set to open. 

A reprieve to the kitchen for coffee cake making and coffee followed the stocking opening, everyone sharing their presies.  Thing 2 made the coffee cake this year only I forgot to mention the baking soda and the result was a flat and spongy cake.  No difference to these conouissers, we enjoyed every last crumb.  After a few cups of coffee and some mad table tennis skills the present opening continued.

Poppi was Santa and the Things took turns being his helper.  Present after present was opened, including ornaments for each Thing and a few special presies that took them by surprise. 

 A snowflake for Thing 4 because since we have moved to this Northern state he is constantly praying for snow, yes praying for weather.

 Thing 3 received a beautiful glass horse ornament because this year has been the year of the horse for her, really, she started serious riding lessons.

 Thing 2 has a JB ornament, I can't even spell out his name because, I know right?, there are no words, only head shakes that I simply don't understand, but for this 13 year old girl, it means alot.

Thing 1 has a popcorn ornament that reads, "I love you more than popcorn", because frankly I do love her more than popcorn, though there is someone out there that actually admitted to wanting to marry her popcorn.  Yes people she is that talented!

Now, moving on from the ornament documentation.  Someday they might ask and if they do and my old, tired brain can't remember why they were given said ornament I can look back and read this, or they can read it to me. 

Poppi and his helper

There were more and more presents, a snowboard, a camera, make up, clothes, matching American Girl doll pajamas, games, workout equipment and we were all just so grateful.  Really, the Things were an absolute joy to give to this year.  Full of graciousness and smiles and excitement.  I loved watching all of it unfold.  Poppi even had a few tears to shed thanks to Gianna's present, so very sweet.

 Christmas jammie photo, which we did not change out of all stinkin day!

 Snack time

 Lefse making for dinner

 Singing happy birthday to the Christ child, family tradition

Poppi, Nani and our Things,
Polo wanted to be in all the pictures, can you blame him?

And that my friends is a recap full of photos, memories and all the joy I could muster in a blog post.  It was a wonderful Christmas day.   

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What a beautiful family! I stumbled upon your blog in Googling for the exact same popcorn ornament as Thing 1 received. I saw the ornament at my local Hallmark store but did not purchase one before they disappeared! If it did not come from the North Pole;), would you mind sharing with me where you got the popcorn ornament? Thanks in advance!

  2. LKH Says:

    Oh my goodness, here I am a year later and just reading your comment. Found that ornament at Hallmark, think they actually have a similar one this year. Merry Christmas!

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