A Gift of a Post

Let's be honest here, who still has some Christmas shopping left to do?  Maybe just a few last minute gifts left to check off the list.  Or quite possibly the entire list.  You could be in the category of complete, wrapped and under the tree or sent in the mail.  Either way, I am sure there is at the very least room for a gift of the heart for someone special.  I know there is for me. 

I love to give presents.  Love, love, love it.  It is my love language for sure.  To see that person light up when just the right item has been chosen.  For the children to squeal with glee when the lid of the box is lifted.  That tugs at my heart every time.  Even when my Things race to their stockings on Christmas morning with anticipation at the trinkets awaiting them.  Priceless. 

You know what else is priceless?  The gifts Compassion offers in their gift catalog this year.  There are options for everyone.  From sponsorship of a child in need to chickens for the village.  Or my Things' favorite, footballs for the children!  More options inlcude medical supplies, income producing items and even infant survival supplies.  To view the catalog go here, Gifts of Compassion.  Or you can click on the banner at the right side of my website, you know the one with the chicken, I know you saw it and asked, "What is this all about?".  Well, now you know.  So do something about it.  Give a gift, sponsor a child, tuck a certificate in a stocking letting them know that you bought a soccer ball for a child in their name.  It may not qualify as a standard present from a big fancy store but it would be a gift from the heart.  A life changing present given in the name of Jesus. 

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