Tree Lighting, A Family Affair

Decorating the Christmas tree, one of my favorite family nights, always.  We decided to forgo the Clark Griswold adventure and re-use our artificial tree for yet another year.  The idea taunted me, beings we are here so very close to the great white North and such.  Yet, once again our, or Husband Jared's practical side won over.  Probably a good thing, don't think the Forest service would be too pleased with our six chopping down one of their lovelies.  On to better topics.  Our tree. 

Crooked, not proportioned, and yet still entirely perfect
As was decided last year the Things did all the hanging of ornaments.  Husband Jared and I set up the tree, check that all lights are in working order and hang the garland.  Following that it is a free for all.  Ok, not really but couldn't you just picture the scene.  The four Things all clamoring and racing towards the tree, ornaments in hand, cue the music, and then the tree falls.  No?  Ok, moving on then.  It actually begins with a few special family ornaments and then each of their own from years past.  They have quite the collection considering that Nani and I have each been adding one to their stash every year since birth.  Then there is always the discussion of whose turn it is for the angel.  Usually we are forced to return to photo documentation for proof.  This year that wasn't necessary. The Things were unanimous it was Thing 2's turn.  So we sipped hot cocoa, listened to Christmas music, and told the stories that accompanied the ornaments; My favorite part of the night. 

Hot chocolate mugs covering their mugs

Who is that cute little elf?  Oh, hi Thing 4!

 The finale and a great big Ta-Da! 

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