Nothing Terribly Important

Well we spent the weekend lounging around.  Saturday at least.  Horseback riding and snow boarding lessons and science projects and papers left us in our yoga pants and close to home.  Ok, I was the only one in my yoga pants and I don't even do yoga.  Anyhoo, it was nice.  I realized just how special this time is.  The mere fact that our teenagers, two of them now, enjoy being with Husband Jared and I is sweet.  Not normal.  I'm thankful for that.  Because what do we always say?  Normal is boring. 

We watched football together, laughed together, snuggled, baked and laughed some more.  There was no rushing in and out of stores.  No shopping online for presents, not even a decoration was touched.  We just were together.  Thing 3 and Thing 4 even hung out with us.  Such an exciting weekend I'm sure they didn't want to miss it.  The two of them ran in and out of the house a few times inbetween attemtps to sled.  Mind you the snow is melting rather quickly with the temperatures having been in the high 30's.  Really getting up there now! 

After all that highly valuable information why don't I just share a few photographs of Christmas past that I have enjoyed looking at over the past few days. 

Thing 2, Christmas 1999 and pregnant Me in the background
Christmas 2000, the three girlie Things,
this was our Christmas card photo
All four Things and Polo, Christmas 2005

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