Things You Might Not Know, or Maybe Already Do?

Because I have nothing of substance to write about and because I heard one of my favorite songs, "Favorite Things", you know the one from Sound of Music?  It may not really be from Sound of Music but that is where I first heard it and I do love when Julie Andrews sings it with the Captain's children during the thunderstorm.   You haven't seen it?  Well you should.  Great flick.  At least I think so.  Here goes, some stuff about me. 

To begin with, I love coffee.  I mean LOVE, love, yes that kind of love.  Love like when I don't have a cup in the morning the Things become nervous! 
I listen to the rain.  Rain makes me happy.  Weird, I know.  And when it's raining I like to listen to music, Norah Jones, David Crowder, something different, maybe Miles Davis.  Or jazz.  Jazz on a rainy night is good. 
Baking is my therapy.  Butter, sugar and a recipe for a sweet treat just make me feel better on the inside. 

Books, books and more books.  All genres.  Really.  I like to have a variety.  A few on my  nightstand, one in a basket downstairs.  One more on the ottoman.  One on my iPod and one in the car.  A cookbook here and there.  You just never know. 

Writing is good for my soul and yes a favorite thing.  Does it qualify as a thing?  I don't think so, maybe a past time, hobby? 

Watching my Things smile.  Seeing their faces light up.  Or maybe just listening to them tell a story.  Usually this happens around the dinner table, thus family dinners are another favorite.  Truly.  I love creating a meal, sitting down with the family and having a Thing say, "this is great Mama".  Sometimes I score big like that.  Other times not so much.  Either way when we are together around the table, it's good. 
I love being an Auntie.  Who knew?  It is so much fun.  A different role, one I am still learning.  My nieces and nephew are the best.  All of them. 
People watching, a favorite past time.  At the airport, in a restaurant, a coffee shop, the school pick up line, the market, wherever.  I like to watch people interact.  Learn their story.  It fascinates me.

I need quiet time.  Alone.  In fact I crave it.  When I don't get it I am grumpy.  Speaking of grumpy, if I don't eat regularly scheduled meals I am grumpy, downright mean actually.  There I said it.  Husband Jared even asks me when I am on the cranky side if I have eaten lately.  Funny. 

What else, oh, I love holidays.  All of them.  Especially white twinkly lights and brown paper packages tied up with string. 

I love pajama pants.  Festive ones.  With a Christmas theme.  I also love yoga pants and just learned recently that it may not be a good idea to wear them all day, even when you are running errands.  On the upside if I wear my running pants that's different and apparently ok.  Did anyone else know this? 

Not sure what other random things I can share about myself.  Nothing earth shattering that's for sure.  Just a fun list of stuff.  My brain is mush tonight and this is the best I can do.  Look for further updates, or add your own to the comment section.  It could be fun. 

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