A Football Festival and Some Snow, in Photos

 Will and his buddies put together a small group to play in a juniors festival this past weekend in St. Paul.  Husband Jared created these Goztepe jersies for the boys, way to go Super Dad!  The boys played well and came home champions.  As we were leaving the dome the snow came down.  What a sight to see.  It was our first adventure driving in these conditions.  And when I say "our" I really mean Husband Jared.  I don't drive in such conditions.  Or at least not yet.  
 The neighborhood group out front posing for us.  Yes, we were the only parents outside.  I think we had just as much fun as they did.  We even rode the sleds and raced them down the "big hill".  It did take me a bit longer to thaw out though. 

 Thing 1's snow angel

 The race!

Thing 4 had his first snow boarding lesson this weekend as well.  Him and of his neighborhood buddies are taking lessons together.  They learned safety and a few of the basics.  After the lesson they are able to stay on the slopes as long as they'd like.  He didn't stop talking about it all day, he even imitated the moves he learned on the hardwood floors, sans snow board! 

And that my friends, was our weekend.  There were also cups upon cups of hot cocoa, movies watched while snuggled under the blanket and snowflakes counted. 

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  1. cheryl lee Says:

    very cool! hoping for a white Christmas so Nani and Popi can partake in the snow-fun too! love you, 15 days!

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