A Belated Birthday Post

Here we are 2012 and I am just now writing a birthday post for the youngest Thing.  He is a decade old.  Really?  My baby is 10 years old.  When I look at him I still see a little butterball staring back at me with the biggest blue eyes imaginable.  Is it cliche to ask where the time has gone?  I assume so. 

Well Thing 4's birthday came with all the excitement that usually accompanies birthdays, especially the entrance into double digits.  Our football team had a match early in the morning and since Thing 4 does share his birthday with Boxing Day the family went to Britt's Pub in Minneapolis.  We had an English breakfast, met some football friends from Thing 4's team and watched United win, big!  The entire family sported United gear and Poppi even had a jersey on. 

 Father and Son, proud supporters

Poppi, wearing a football jersey for the first time

We strolled through downtown Minneapolis and took in the city sights and headed home to play and enjoy the birthday boy's new toys.  His dinner menu had been decided on, chocolate donuts, chocolate chip cookies (store bought only), rootbeer, real cheeseburgers, french fries and homemade onion strings.  Thing 4 invited one of his buddies to share in the festivities for the evening. 

 Thing 4 and Friend

 Birthday Cake, vanilla cake, chocolate buttercream frosting

Playing GOLF

Thing 4 opened presents, enjoyed his dinner, played Wii, played cards, blewout candles and had a fantastic 10th birthday!

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