Prompted by a Quote

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing".
Helen Keller
True?  I think so.  Especially as of late.  When our family received news that we were moving abroad I viewed it as an adventure.  And then when our time ended abruptly overseas I simply said that we were on to the next adventure.  And when plans changed once again and we up and moved to Minnesota I said repeatedly it would be a new adventure.  And now that we have been here for almost six months I don't think it has been quite the adventure I was anticipating. 

Don't misunderstand, it most certainly has been something of an adventure.  Just not the one I really wanted.  Nor do I want it now.  Yet it is everything it is supposed to be.  Only because of a plan much greater than my fleshly eyes can see.  If it were all revealed to me I wouldn't feel the necessity of continuing.  There lies the purpose.  Eternity. 

Each day holds the potential for adventure.  Creating.  Sharing.  Community.  Relationship.  Opportunity.  It is when we set our eyes beyond the tunnel vision in which we have limited ourselves to and truly allow ourselves to be present in the moment gifted to us that we can engage the adventure.  A lofty statement for sure.  A subject on which I am no expert.  What I do know is that if my perspective shifts and I can see each moment as an adventure daring me to participate than the joy is limitless.  It is a choice.  To live and live fully.  Find the joy.  See the adventure.  

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