Old and New

I do love a New Year.  The start of the school year in September.  A Monday rolling around to begin a new week.  The first day of summer break.  Even a new month.  Now that I have established my love for all things new I thought it only fitting to do a post on resolutions.  Only in our house we do goal setting.  And it really isn't so much goal setting as it is evaluating the past year.  Looking backwards first.  Then setting our eyes on what's ahead.  The unknown. 

Typically we have a New Year's dinner with the Things where we have this discussion.  I have questions and I ask them to reflect on the past year.  No, this isn't done willingly.  Some cohersion is involved.  Although once the convo has been initiated they are active participants.  Sharing, shouting and being real. 

One of my favorite questions this year wasn't really a question.  We all were asked to describe 2011 in three words.  Time was needed.  The six of us sat contemplating.  For our sky is always blue boy, his words came quickly.  Thing 1 really thought, deeply.  Her words made known the challenges that the past year brought, especially for a girl who doesn't necessarily like change.  Thing 3 had two words on the tip of her tongue and one that was telling of her thought process.  As for Thing 2, she had a larger focus, a wider lens if you will and her words told of that.  It was interesting to hear them speak these words.  They were accurate and for a brief moment I was catapulted back to the beginning of 2011 and placed on the rollercoaster that was that year.  We spent the rest of the night answering more questions and talking about our favorite books we read, a most memorable moment and even the most difficult thing we experienced.  It was good.  More than that it was reflective.  Our gratitude increased in depth sitting around the table recalling all that was 2011. 

Now that we reflected and remembered and relived we are moving on.  Tonight's discussion will revolve around new beginnings.  Accomplishments, goals, books to read, places to see, hobbies to try and gifts to share.  Maybe a bit of planning and coordinating so that these dreams are made a reality this year in 2012.  A new year.  One I will relish. 

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