Thing 4

Here's to you my little man on your tenth birthday.  A birthday in which I have realized you are growing up.  Independent, strong willed, assertive and full of energy.  Your favorite word to say is "literally".  For some reason you like the way the letters roll off your tongue.

This past year I have watched  you go out on a limb to be a friend, be a companion for the underdog, treat those younger than you with such sweetness and find greater purpose in all you do. 

For being 10 years old you have a gift for understanding situations that are much larger than you.  You have little tolerance when there is no compromise or a predicament turns sour.  Your feelings are worn on your sleeve.  Whether on the pitch or at home around the table playing board games.  You are fiercely competitive and are learning to lose better.  That is a tough lesson. 

Comics and Diary of A Wimpy Kid are your favorite things to read right now.  And of course Match Magazine or Four Four Two.  Anything football related. You still enjoy building forts out of cardboard boxes and using your creative imagination when building with Legos. 

I am seeing your servants heart.  That is pure joy.  As is your humor.  Dry and edgy, just like your Daddy's.  Your sweet smile makes my soul fly away.  This Mama is so very grateful that God chose me to be your caretaker here.  What a gift.  May you grow in  your walk with Him, closer every day.  And continue to shine brightly, year after year.

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