A While

It has been a while since my last post, ten days in fact.  My apologies.  Our Internet has been a bit spotty around here.  On and then off and then on again.  The technicians can not seem to figure it out.  Husband Jared either.  Anyhoo, I missed "Thankful Thursday" and some catching up so I will do my best to bring y'all up to speed. 

Since I last wrote I have received a letter from a friend in Honduras.  One in which she explained to us that the new school term begins in February and there are over four hundred children in the four education centers that Mission Lazarus runs and they are in desperate need of school supplies.  Without the proper uniform and supplies the Honduran children cannot attend school.  Did you read that?  Now digest it.  Education is FREE, if and a big if here, you can purchase your own school supplies and uniform.  Seems simple enough, right?  Wrong.  The typical wages earned do not allow for these sort of expenses.  Necessities are first.  And when families aren't able to feed all their children everyday how can they be expected to purchase such frivolities as notebooks and pencils?  Here is where you and I can help.  On the Mission Lazarus store website we have an opportunity to help.  When you click on the link above you will see "cards" for sale.  There is one card that reads, "school supplies" with a rather sweet photo of a school age child.  Click on that card and you will be making an eternal difference in the life of a Honduran child.  One in which they will be in an environment of learning.  Learning not only what the school books have to teach them but learning about the love of a man named Jesus.  Please prayerfully considering partnering with Mission Lazarus and sharing what has been given to you with these children.  Show them what the body of believers can do for the Kingdom. 

On a lighter note, it is snowing here.  I am sure all the Minnesotans are saying "finally", and in our house the Things are definitely excited to see some powdery white stuff blanketing the streets.  That means sledding and playing and snowball fights after school.  Wonder what they would do if I hid an arsenal of snow balls and just surprised them when they ran to the front door of our house from the bus stop.  Hmm.  Something to ponder.  I drove in the snow for the first time this morning.  I mean I drove on Friday too but it wasn't snowing it was just slushy everywhere.  This morning though, snow everywhere and snow falling.  I was a little nervy but I fared well.  Extremely cautious and slow.  Should be my new motto and maybe not just for driving.

The Things are well.  Thing 1 and 2 had busy friend filled weekends.  Thing 3 stayed close to home and me and  our books.  Thing 4 had lots of footie this weekend and we played many games of Spoons and Life and Sorry.  Husband Jared and I drove all over town on Saturday, much like chauffeurs for the eldest two Things.  It was fun.  We skyped with family and caught up on laundry and had family church at our house on Sunday.  Just the six of us.  It was special. 

Now I have a to do list that is calling for my attention and a dog that needs walking.  Here's to Monday and the week ahead and staying connected, I hope.

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