As I rounded the corner on my lengthy run one afternoon a ray of sunshine was waiting for me.  The tunes were loud and booming in my ear, and then there it was.  A meadow.  Filled with golden yellow dandelion flowers, long, wavy grass, probably crawling with ticks, but it was the way the sun shone through the tall trees and onto this green patch.  Stunning. 

Something about that sight struck me.  And in a way I can't quite explain.  I've ran on that same path many times since and I find myself rounding the corner and hoping it's waiting for me again.  It hasn't been.  At least not in the same way.  I actually had wished I ran with my iPhone, only so I could have captured the beauty that day, but then would a photo have done it justice?  I think not. 

Then during my quiet time that meadow came back to me.  You see, the meadow comes after a small-ish uphill stint, where the road is windy and usually shaded.  Even on the brightest days there isn't much sunlight.  Then, round the corner and there is an opening in the sky.  A display of splendor.  Unexpected.  And I thought to myself, isn't that the way life runs it course.  We're on the straight and narrow, a curve is thrown at us, a few challenging hills and then a glimpse of hope, when it all seems so desperate.  The question for me lies in whether or not that hope is there consistently or do I find it only when I'm in pursuit of it?

I'd like to think that I know the answer.  Just because I know it in my head doesn't mean I always live it with my heart.  Hope is there.  The Sonshine is there, waiting on me.  It is, however, only when my eyes are lifted that I will see it, find it.  If my eyes are focused on the windy path beneath my feet then I will never see it. 

What are you chasing after today and where are your eyes looking? 

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